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Everyone left planet because of the poison in the air exept you, the prisoner. 

Your job is to collect the golden parts of the portal and escape before poison kills you.

So I fixed the bug with going trow walls and I fixed stairs colliders so now you can get to the end. Still the game is realy slow and I can't make it faster because of massiv object (I made a big mistake, it's my first time working with Terrain).

I hope that you will find this game interesting, it was realy fun working on this project but I think that I won't make anything more on this game.

Enjoy and if anything happends please comment me and I will try to fix it, Thank you! :D 

Install instructions

So when you download the file you just need to extract it and when you click on the aplication the game will start.

Have a nice time and good luck! 


PlanetRun_1.2.rar 70 MB

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